Metal Gear 1 theme song remake by Wolf

by wolf_ on 26-03-2004, 13:27
Topic: Music

2003 was the year of the spontanious burst of remakes of msx game-music, by multiple composers. After a sudden 'break' of many months, Wolf releases the first re-arrangement of 2004. This time the well-known maintheme from Metal Gear 1, one of Konami's most popular classics, was elevated from 3 humble PSG channels to a massive orchestral arrangement. An extensive amount of brass was used to emphasize the military aspect of the game. A grungy FM-bass (sampled from the Moonsound!) was used in the bottom-end to make the whole ambience somewhat more aggressive, much in the way the filmmusic for Rambo was done. The music of both Metal Gear 1 and Solid Snake share a number of elements from the music from the Rambo series.

Some while ago, J-War (the other 'remake-composer' of 2003) already offered some of his serverspace for Wolf's recent remakes. over here you can find the mp3 of the Metal Gear 1 remake and various other re-arranged songs.

Relevant link: Metal Gear 1 theme song, remake by Wolf

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By DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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26-03-2004, 14:00

nice nice! it gives the same spooky atmosphere as the original. unfortunatly, i haven't heard any aggresive pieces as this newspost described.

By wolf_

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26-03-2004, 14:09

only the fm-bass .. listen again .. it's that typical fm sound when you use lotsa feedback.

By DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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26-03-2004, 14:12

i already heard it twice. ah well, its in my playlist so ill propably hear it again today, if im not free of work early Smile

By Arjan

Paladin (787)

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26-03-2004, 15:02

cool tune!

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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26-03-2004, 19:25

Nice tune! But a bit too bombastic for my taste...

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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26-03-2004, 19:36

It's a good arrangement, but stays very close to the original score. Ever played the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions? The background tune there sounds a bit familiar Tongue On the whole I like the tune, but I'm still more impressed by the DragonSlayer 6 re-arrangement.

Btw... am I the only one who could leech the MP3 @ 8KB/s max?

By DarQ

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26-03-2004, 20:02

no snout, it was f*cking slow

By wolf_

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26-03-2004, 21:00

I prefer to stay close to the original in all cases. More like: 'this is the version the original composer would have made under these conditions'.

By Vincent van Dam

Hero (513)

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26-03-2004, 21:42

Is it a coincidence that you released this the same day The Twin Snakes is available in store?

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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26-03-2004, 21:45

it is ..!

By Vincent van Dam

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26-03-2004, 21:52

Cool coincidence Smile And thumbs up ofcourse!

By ro

Scribe (5064)

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28-03-2004, 14:33

ofcourse Wolf also has a little webspace at domain, which has faster DL anyway. Oh, haven't had a change to listen to the darn track, it's still busy downloading (slow)

By wolf_

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28-03-2004, 18:27

Yeah.. tho I had the impression that space @ thefuzz was limited.. anyway.. the tune is free stuff anyway.. so anyone who wants to host it.. go your gang..

By Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

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29-03-2004, 00:47

I thought I was the only moron that said 'go your gang' Wink Anyways, wulfie... Any chance you'll be making a cover (upgrade) of some of the other fab tunes from Starship Rendez-vous? I think it's among the best (if not the best) game music ever made and you really captured the essense of it the cover you made... I'd love to hear another one...

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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29-03-2004, 01:41

If you can handle me a bgm player with that music ... I didn't really play that game much, except level 1, and s.s.m. on disk 2 Smile The game caused some stir @ MCM, and mainly because of Wammes, but all-in it's just a lousy game with crappy controls.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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29-03-2004, 02:29

I thought I was the only moron that said 'go your gang'

yeah.. shit happ'nz when ya talk too much with louzy-speak'n coderz like Ro.. rotten english.. it starts to creep all in ya b'fore ya can even say 'xylomethazolinehydrochloride' while eating a b'nana.


By The_Engineer

Han (194)

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29-03-2004, 13:19

Wolf_, there is a Starship Rendez-Vous demo at one of the FutureDisks, where you can select the BGMs of the game by pressing 1-0 at your keyboard.

Furthermore, Starship Rendez-Vous has a BGM player. If I recall correctly, you need to press F5 in the startup menu in order to reach this player.

Pity you only played the first level. The BGM for level 3 is really brilliant. I have no idea how they got that sound from the FM chip.

By Whizzy

Master (213)

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29-03-2004, 15:14

Amazing ! The sound and feel of Metal Gear Solid into the classical tune !

By Haze

Master (152)

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29-03-2004, 18:30

Actually there -is- a KSS filedump of RendezVous. It's available amongst e.g. Valken's KSS dumps. So you may want to give that look. Wink

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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29-03-2004, 19:10

"I thought I was the only moron that said 'go your gang'"
I've been saying that since I was 7 Tongue