New music added to MRC download database

by ro on 22-06-2017, 08:48
Topic: Music

Recently a bunch of MP3 tunes were submitted to the MRC download database. MRC user Jeroen Derwort, aka Randam Hajile has uploaded tunes created with MiGTracker Pro. This is a tracker he made for DOS and heavily inspired on Moonblaster.

Here's the list:
YS3 - Trading Village of Redmont
Yie Ar Kung-Fu FM
Yie Ar Kung-Fu SF
SD Snatcher - Ending
Moonsound Music Collection (MMC)
Strawberry Strings - MOA
Temptation of War - Howling Wolf II

Have fun listening!

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By Pippo

Hero (521)

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23-06-2017, 20:17

Very, very beautiful tunes, really. Smile
Congratulations and many thanks for sharing. Smile

By syn

Prophet (2123)

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24-06-2017, 10:10

Nice stuff, thanks for sharing Wink

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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24-06-2017, 15:06

Just added the track 'Temptation of War - Howling Wolf II' to the downloads database (and the list) too, since Jeroen uploaded it just after this newspost. Enjoy!

By gdx

Enlighted (6219)

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24-06-2017, 16:27

Where are the utilities that there was before?