For Meits, a veteran of tracking music on MSX, any of the Moonblasters has been the only way of creating music since its release in 1993. Even his synthesizer music has been created that way with the help of WORP3's MIDI-PAC. You could call him a very orthodox musician using somewhat unorthodox ways to achieve his goal.

Earlier in 2017 Near Dark released the complete OST for Great Strategy 2 - Campaign Version as a Moonsound Music disk. The notes to every track were therefore available to try the first steps into music creation on a pc. He downloaded MIDIEditor which does exactly what it should. Nothing less and certainly nothing more. A Roland XV5050 served as a soundbox.

In the #MSX channel on the Rizon IRC network, EisBaer23 was asked to do something with the notes. It didn't take him too long to perform his tricks with it in Reaper with PG-8X, FB-3100, FB-3200, Combo Model V and Dexed for the music and Dead Duck Effects Bundle and OrilRiver for the effects.

EisBaer23 never heard the original and did not listen to it in order to not be biased and let his creativity decide where to go.

Relevant link: Meits vs EisBaer23 - Great Strategy 2 ReMSX (download)

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By Pippo

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19-03-2018, 09:21

Very great tune, really! Big smile
Thank you very, very much, Meits and EisBaer.
You are real musicians! Smile
The Msx World is honored about you.

By Pencioner

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22-03-2018, 14:02

It is awesome and catchy Smile