by wolf_ on 22-01-2011, 08:29
Topic: Music

Aaahh.. the nostalgia.. the memories. MSX fairs such as Tilburg and Zandvoort used to be the ultimate deadlines. Whatever you were making: it was usually done and sold on fairs. This is a tradition long gone for a lot of people, thanks to internet it's almost like having a fair every day, with more people seeing your product than ever. And still, Meits from Near Dark prepared the first fair product of today, a music disk made for today. The twist in the story is that Meits isn't going to be present at Nijmegen at all, nor is the music disk, so rather than a fair release, his music disk is a fair day release. Get it?

The music disk itself is called DISK, De Idiootste Spellen Koffers (or The Most Idiotic Game Bags), a music disk like many music disks released in the now legendary 90's. It contains, as you could have guessed by now, covers of famous MSX games songs, of which some were probably never covered before. Also a tradition: it supports the classic 90's combination: MSX-Music and MSX-Audio. Meits advices to listen to this music disk on a real MSX, he doesn't agree with emulation quality yet. So, enjoy this first 'fair' release, and if you want more: a sequel is already at the drawing board, so stay tuned!

Relevant link: DISK

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By evulopah

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22-01-2011, 09:00

Well, well, what a nice music d.i.s.k.!! Tongue

By W76NearDark

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22-01-2011, 19:13

I did see this D.I.S.K. @ the Nijmegen fair today... Though not on a real MSX. They just struck Meits' advice in the wind (well well....)

By Lord_Zett

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22-01-2011, 20:48

geen neardarkie gezie n

By Abi

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22-01-2011, 20:55

Thumbs up!
And yes two of them were @ nijmegen fair today!

By meits

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22-01-2011, 21:08

I could have added this to the disk image, but I didn't... Intentionally even, cuz I was too lazy... But heck, here's some sort of readme.txt:

DISK (De Idiootste Spellen Koffers)

The name of this music disk derived from the Disk Magazine we once published. Therefor the title is dutch ànd contains an intentional typo

System requirements:

64kB RAM
128kB VRAM
MSX-Music and/or MSX-Audio
MSX-DOS2 switched off

We recommend to play this disk on a real MSX system due to disturbing sound misemulated instruments in the better emulators.

Release date : January 22nd, 2011
Music and Code: Meits
Graphics : Opa
Debug tips : BiFi
Copyrights : None
Music source : Various games

Near Dark's ASM and sectorbased musicdisks are history now. It's pure Basic.

The music on this disk has been released as a big pile o' MBM's at MRC some months ago, but assuming people would like to have a graphical interface around the least worst music, and we were eager to make something again, we decided to build a workable GUI around it.

Since there's no 50/60Hz equalization, the music files are stored on disk in both frequencies. It determines while booting which songfiles to handle.

Near Dark is already working on a sequel which will contain more game covers, DOS2 compatibility and 50/60Hz equalization.

Stay tuned...

By Manuel

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23-01-2011, 12:45

We recommend to play this disk on a real MSX system due to disturbing sound misemulated instruments in the better emulators.

Um, so the worse emulators do better? Which?

By meits

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23-01-2011, 14:50

The tested emulators, blueMSX and openMSX don't play the music the way they supposed to sound... Both are the better emulators...
Therefor the real thing is recommended.

By W76NearDark

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23-01-2011, 15:24

Needless to say the real thing is always preferred Tongue

By meits

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22-01-2013, 17:12

TWO(!) years ago already O_o

By meits

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22-01-2014, 18:54

THREE(!) years even...

The few big years with the big fairs seemed to last forever... Now time flies :/