3 game BGM covers by Chabinn

by snout on 16-07-2005, 19:16
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Source: Vorc

The Japanese MSX composer Chabinn has released three new MGS tracks composed for PSG, MSX-MUSIC and SCC:

  1. Great Battle Ship (Thunder Cross, arcade game)
  2. Stage 2-3 (Genoside2. X68000)
  3. Attack on the battleship (previously released by DRM)

These and many other impressive songs can be found on Chabinn's website

Relevant link: Chabinn's website

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By mars2000you

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16-07-2005, 19:32

One of these songs was previously available and has been composed with the blueMSX emulator :


By snout

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16-07-2005, 19:44

Idd, my bad... Wink Ah well, a bit of extra exposure for Chabinn won't do him no harm Wink

By mars2000you

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16-07-2005, 19:55

And his compositions are indeed so beautiful Smile