UNL - Esperanto for computers

by snout on 02-05-2003, 21:23
Topic: MSX Revival

Today the MRC went on a search for more information on the MSX Revival and Nishi's plans of the future. As we all know, Nishi held a lecture on 2001's Tilburg fair and a lecture on the MIT where he explained he wanted to develop a one-chip computer based on the MSX philosophy. This device would become the combination of several interesting projects. One of these projects is UNL.

UNL stands for Universal Networking Language. An in-depth article on UNL can be found over here. With UNL it is possible to analyse a text and arrange it in a way that makes it easier to translate into different languages. With the help of special symbols UNL not only captures the words in a sentence, but also its context. Encouraged by the United Nations , Kazuhiko Nishi is involved in applying and promoting UNL and the related Universal Knowledge and Language concept.

The one-chip MSX, being both cheap and capable of translating UNL into 189 different languages, could play a key role in this attempt to make knowledge and technology available for everyone, everywhere. However, we think that there should be tools available to translate major languages (like English, Spanish and Japanese) into UNL by machine translation. Furthermore, the one-chip computer needs to 'be there' just in time.

On the UNL website you can already have a look at the UNL specifications, as proposed almost a year ago. On first sight it looks a lot like html and quite complicated, but it shows it can be powerful as well. Also be sure to check out the website of the UNDL foundation, the division of the United Nations that deals with the UNL project.

Relevant link: UNL website