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by snout on 28-02-2002, 00:13
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Ikeda's MSX Print (27-02-2002)

Kuniji Ikeda also announced that the MSX Association (founded by Kazuhiko Nishi after he quit ASCII) will release the MSXPLAYer for Windows and Windows CE on April 15th, 2002. Fujitsu might even distribute the MSXPLAYer with their computers. Ikeda warns us however that this announcement is not official yet and that the MSX Association will make an official announcement soon.

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By Latok

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28-02-2002, 00:19

Erhm, and what about the problem with the licenses? It seems like there is no deal with Marat and the MSX PLAYER core is based on fmsx, right?

By snout

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28-02-2002, 00:23

That's something I was wondering about as well... but Marat was talking about ASCII and assuming that they would SELL the emulator. I don't think ASCII has got anything to do with MSX PLAYer anymore, and as far as I understand they are going to distribute this emulator freely. So I don't know wether that changes Marat's point of view. Time to do some investigation I guess Wink

By Bart

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28-02-2002, 09:06

April 15th, right before the MSX fair in Tilburg. Cool!