MSX on WPC Expo 2003

by snout on 22-09-2003, 19:38
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: nf_ban (Takashi Kobayashi) from Gigamix online

Like last year there was a lot of attention for the MSX Revival on one of the biggest Computer Events in the world: WPC Expo 2003

We already reported about an interesting flyer which was found on the ASCII booth, which announced MSX Magazine 2, the USB ROM Cartridge reader and a limited edition hybrid MSX/PC computer. Today, the first reports about this event appeared on the internet. The WPC 2003 blog shows a picture of the USB ROM cartridge reader flyer, and some extra information on the MSX Revival. In another report the writer is surprised about the USB ROM cartridge reader as well. It also mentions at least 5.000 people need to make a reservation for this reader to ensure a sale price of 10.000 yen (about 80 euro's at the moment).

The most interesting report comes from Gigamix online, who have made many pictures of the ASCII booth. It includes pictures of the turboR version of MSXPLAYer and pictures of MSXPLAYer running on Quixun Keypaso, Panasonic Let's note, Sharp Zaurus and Kyocera PocketCosmo. It seems the Quixun Keypaso is going to be the basis for the MSX/PC hybrid.

Relevant link: Gigamix online WPC 2003 report

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"Let's enjoy MSX", that's cool slogan Smile