MSX Magazine questionairre results

by Bart on 10-04-2003, 08:56
Topic: MSX Revival

At the MSX Magazine Party at the 8th of March 2003, a questionairre was held amongst the visitors of this party. A total of 154 people responded to it. At the official MSX Magazine website the results are displayed.

The first graph shows the number of issues bought by someone. 92,4% bought one copy, 3,8% bought two copies and 3,1% bought three copies of the magazine.

The second graph shows the reason why someone bought the magazine. 81,7% says they bought it because they used to be an MSX user. 60,3% because there's an emulator packed with it, 58,8% because they used to buy MSX magazine in the old days, 35,9% thought that if they wouldn't but it now, they would not be able to get it anymore. 19,1% says it's just nostalgia. 17,6% because it's packed with games they used to play. 3,8% because they think the value is going to rise, and 13% has other reasons.

On the question how many working MSX machine one has 44 people responded. Answers range from one MSX (36,4%) to eleven MSX machines (2,3%).

Next a question on how many working software titles one still has. 109 visitors responded. The answers range from four titles (6,4%) to more then 60 titles (also 6,4%).

The last question is about a MSX USB Rom cartridge reader. The visitors are asked how much money they would pay for such a device. 9,3% is willing to pay 1.999 Yen ($17,21) or less. A maximum of 10.000 ($86,11) till 14.999 ($129,15) Yen is afforable for 20,9% of the visitors.

The graphs can be found at the official MSX Magazine website: Event enquete

Thanks a lot to Rieks Warendorp Torringa for translating this for the MSX Resource Center