MSX article in Hacker Journal (Italy)

by snout on 28-08-2003, 14:33
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Enrico Barbisan

For the second time this year MSX can be found on the cover of a normal computing magazine. After the MSX Resource center interview in @rroba magazine the Italian magazine Hacker Journal was the next to take this interesting step. On the internet, Mytech Italy already wrote an article on MSX recently

The article, MSX - 20 years of 'Zilog Inside', is written by Nicola D'Agostino, who also wrote the Mytech article. Enrico Barbisan supplied him with all the information he needed. The article contains a lot of information on MSX, the MSX Revival, Kazuhiko Nishi, Arabic MSX computers and more. It shows that also in Europe there is increasing attention for the MSX computers and the future of the MSX Revival project.

Relevant link: Hacker journal