Many MSX fans will remember the Compile Disc Stations for MSX. On D4E's Amusement Center - their saga continues. On a special section of their website, Compile Station you can now download 2-week trial versions of Aleste Special (which was originally released on Disc Station Special 4 and Jump Hero (which was originally released on Disc Station 29, embedded in a recent version of MSXPLAYer.

Relevant link: Compile Station

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By Yukio

Paragon (1540)

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23-09-2006, 18:36

Very nice.

Awesome software , maybe someday I will download this ...
In the mean time, I still want the original Disc Station!LOL!

By Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

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23-09-2006, 19:03

I have a little problem with sound, but nice present anyway.

By Samor

Prophet (2145)

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24-09-2006, 09:03

a problem with sound? sound skipping, perhaps?

By Manuel

Ascended (18744)

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24-09-2006, 14:37

I have a problem with the executable format... Sad

By Samor

Prophet (2145)

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24-09-2006, 19:51

Linux user, I bet Wink

Seriously, the gamereader version of MSX Player soundskips on certain computer configurations. Probably other versions of MSXPlayer would as well. I'm not sure why and where the fault lies. On my desktop pc it works without any skipping, though. It could very well be a matter of buggy or unofficial soundcard drivers.

By Samor

Prophet (2145)

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27-09-2006, 10:11

interesting.. I tried aleste special and this version of msxplayer (which says MSXPLAYer2005 in the description) SEEMS* to run just a bit smoother than the one that comes with the gamereader.... time for an update? Wink

(*I never ran this particular game on the gamereader version)