3.000 Game Readers sold!

by snout on 10-12-2003, 11:17
Topic: MSX Revival

As of today, more than 3.000 MSX Game Readers were sold in the ASCII MSX Store. This means that these USB ROM Cartridge readers will actually be produced and sold for a price of 12.500 yen (about 95 euro). There are still 5 days left to pre-order this device, which enables you to run ROM Cartridge games straight from cartridge on your PC running MSXPLAYer. If ASCII manages to sell more than 4.000 Game Readers the price will drop to 11.000 yen (about 85 euro).

There are also 5 days left to pre-order the limited edition MSXPC. Currently 243 MSXPC's have been pre-ordered.

Relevant link: ASCII MSX Store

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By snout

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10-12-2003, 18:58

wow, now the counter is at 3100.. maybe they're going to make 4000 ???? in 4 days? Interesting....

By Maggoo

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10-12-2003, 21:27

...and neenerneener to the ones who said they wouldn't do it :-)

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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11-12-2003, 14:42

I feel very sorry for the nay-sayers in regards to the MSX Revival, since they continuously get proved wrong!