ZAC Game Station offers free games

by Sander on 26-12-2003, 20:54
Topic: MSX Related

At the home page of Zac Game Station you find a few games that are inspired by great classics such as Gradius. You can download IFRIT, a Gradius look alike. Also on this page is the game Acter World, a game with a strong resemblance of Bubble Bobble. From this page you can also find a link to Buster's World with more old skool type of games.

Relevant link: Zac Game Station

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By ro

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29-12-2003, 16:04

pfff, sucky sucky soldier... pretty stupid simple game.. while the creator stated ".. a difficult game" (or something like that).. whooahah. NOT! nevermind..

By Sander

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29-12-2003, 22:51

Well, at least it kept you busy for a while. Tongue