Ys Vol. 1: Book One

by Sander on 12-09-2002, 16:15
Topic: MSX Related

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On 24 september, a DVD with Ys 1 episodes 1 till 4 will be released for the US market. You can pre-order this DVD (Remember: region code 1!) at www.cduniverse.com for $20.97 (normal list price $29.95)Description:Based on the popular video game, YS takes place on the island country of Esteria, a magical that was once the home of great riches and beauty. Unfortunately, evil has seeped into Esteria, and now the country is overrun by dark forces that torment its people. When a wandering adventurer named Adol Christen happens onto this desperate land, he decides to begin a quest to restore Esteria to its former glory. Contains episodes 1-4.