YS Online - Coming in 2005

by snout on 21-12-2003, 18:53
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Impress Watch headlines

About a week ago we reported that Falcom had licensed YS 6 - The Ark of Napishtim to Konami in order to develop console versions of this new YS game. The YS series are still the most succesful series of games Falcom ever released.

Now, Falcom have teamed up with the South Korean Plenus Entertainment and eSoftnet Corporation. The goal is to release an online version of YS in South Korea somewhere in 2005, based on the YS6 game and graphics. If the South Korean version of YS Online is a success, the online version will expand to other countries one by one, starting with Japan, Taiwan and China. The South Korean market will be tried first, as it has a larger PC Games market than Japan. YS Online will allow people to play YS online with literally thousands of people at a time.

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