Way back in 2004, Project EGG released a limited edition package called Valis Complete. This package contained Windows versions of Valis 1 – 4 and was limited to only 2000 copies. Now, 7 years later, Project EGG has its 10th anniversary –Hurray!- and to celebrate this, the wise EGG-men from Japan decided to re-issue Valis Complete. They even threw in some extra content such as the games Super Valis and SD Valis. No party is complete without some music so they also added the Valis Sound Collection, a two CD set containing music from the games. This whole package, which is called Valis Complete Plus, will hit the virtual shelves of Project EGG on the 24th of November. Be quick or be dead because only 500 copies will be available to buy. 

Relevant link: Valis Complete Plus on Project EGG

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12-11-2011, 17:42

Too bad, the versions in the pack are not the MSX ones...