Seilane in Project EGG

by snout on 23-11-2010, 20:30
Topic: MSX Related

D4 Enterprise have extended the catalog of their Engrossing Games Gallery (Project EGG) with a game that was orignally released by MicroCabin in 1988. The game in question is Seilane 2, an adventure game for MSX2.

Relevant link: Seilane in Project EGG

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By fukenko

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24-11-2010, 00:05

Seilane is nice game! and it's also the source of Xak's protagonist Latok.Tongue The name Latok have taken from Seilane's character.

By Latok

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24-11-2010, 12:00

Hm? Smile

By JohnHassink

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24-11-2010, 13:08

The name Latok have taken from Seilane's character.
Interesting! On the screenshot, I can also see the 'rabbit boy' from the 2nd village.

By snout

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24-11-2010, 14:08

That indeed is news to me. Can Seilane be regarded as a prequel to Xak?

By fukenko

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24-11-2010, 17:31

Puril: Oh!? I can understand human's language!...
I am Puril.I came here from Animal's land via Griffin's forest.I think that I have lost in human's land.
Latok:You can see me.Great! I'm Latok.I live in this village.

Puril(the Rabbit boy) is the protagonist of Seilane.Latok is an important supporter.

Strictly speaking,Seilane is not a prequel to Xak.Xak's protagonist name and Puril are just a parody of Seilane.But therefore some Xak fan often consider that Seilane to be a prequel to Xak.

By Manuel

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24-11-2010, 21:43

Thanks for that info, fukenko!

By lionelritchie

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25-11-2010, 22:39

latok was older when he met the bunny in xak.
therefore this game is sacrilegious.