Return of Egypt: Castlevania fangame

by snout on 27-06-2005, 02:11
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Nacion Arcade

On Acid-play a fangame based on Konami's popular platform game series Castlevania called Return of Egypt can be found. The first version of Castlevania was released on MSX2 as Vampire Killer in 1986.

Relevant link: Return of Egypt

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By BiFi

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27-06-2005, 11:42

hmm... last updated... november 2003

By snout

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27-06-2005, 12:00

be the first to know at the MRC! Tongue

By Sander

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27-06-2005, 15:23

Indeed, news is news when other people don't know about it yet. If you find a corpse in your backyard, that is news too. Even if the body is dead for a decade. Smile

By Vampier

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27-06-2005, 23:52

I posted a reaction on the page (they cut out the part where I call that Matt a n00b)

By J-War

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28-06-2005, 15:01

The first version of castelvania was released on Famicom Disk System not on MSX2. (Several weeks before)

By snout

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28-06-2005, 16:33

indeed, but what I was trying to say was... 'The first part in the Castlevania saga was released...'

By J-War

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29-06-2005, 10:05

/me slaps snout with a large Wolf_