Pharaohs` Curse released

by Sander on 25-08-2002, 16:21
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Source: The Adrenaline Vault

One of our users pointed us out to a remake of the classic MSX Game Kingsvalley (II) back in March. I was just visiting the Adrenaline Vault and noticed that there is a demo of the final release that you can download. The main difference with the full version that you can buy for $19 at Dexterity Software is that it lacks the level editor. The download is 4.88MB.On the site of the programmer I saw that there is still a version you can download that is 5.6 MB in size..Strange. I also missed one credit: Konami. I wonder how they feel about seeing their classic MSX games re-released on different platforms by other people or companies.Personally, I think that conversions or adjustments made by fans of the old version made free for all isn't so bad. But how about reselling them?Let us know your opinion at our forum.