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by Sander on 27-09-2002, 15:08
Topic: MSX Related

Basically, most of us are nerds. Let`s face it: we are playing with our msx computers, emulators or at least surfing the web and reading this webpage with our pc's.At we can find the right toys to lighten up our geek lives.I've stumbled upon Penguin mints, with chocolate and 15 milligram of caffeine per mint.Besides this, they sell all kinds of other neat stuff. Like green lasers (their light is so strong you can actually see the beam at night with normal weather conditions), portable usb memory drives, flashlights that operate without batteries, cool t-shirts and much more. Check it out!

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By snout

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27-09-2002, 15:31

Thanks a bunch for calling me a nerd, Sander Tongue

By Sander

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27-09-2002, 19:00

you're welcome! Wink