Panasonic to release new game machine

by Sander on 27-09-2002, 16:22
Topic: MSX Related


As far as Panasonic is concerned their current msx is called Q.Released in the end of last year, the Q is a Nintendo Gamecube compatible game machine, but loaded with extra features like a full blown dvd player, and support for different types of A/V connectors. The Q is only sold from their website, and in small quantities from selected Japanese stores.Next year, Panasonic will bring out a new version of the Q, wich will also bring digital video recording to the device.

Relevant link: Panasonic Q

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By enribar

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28-09-2002, 11:36

I've tried to write the "MSX" keyword in the search box of Panasonic Q page and... surprise! There are matching words!
It's curious, because in other web sites (such as Sony or Philips) does not exist anything related to MSX...

By snout

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29-09-2002, 00:06

I think that search is a search to the entire Panasonic site. There even is a list of y2k-issues with Panasonic MSX computers Wink