News Backlog 2016

News Backlog 2016

by ro on 05-12-2016, 11:24
Topic: MSX Related

As 2016 is waving goodbye, here's the MRC news backlog from past year. These didn't make it to the frontpage, but we wouldn't want to keep it from you. Take your pick, it's all good.
(some news might be outdated, naturally)

INSWSKIP 1.2 - skip the internal software of your Sony or Panasonic MSX

paraMSX-R - emulate MSX on MSX
IQ-2000, X-II and FS-A1F booting, using CLPD flash v0.12
Built on the original patch by OKEI. OCM-KdL compatible

R800-DR fixed by sharksym

OCM-SDBIOS Pack v1.8 & OCM-EXTRA Pack v1.8

Sootsound to play XM files on MSX
SootSound is a music player system for MSX computers with MoonSound or other compatible OPL4 sound cartridges.
User Yzi has started a new project called Sootsound to play converted XM modulefiles on OPL4 (like Moonsound). The project includes an XM-to-LTM module converter program and a LTM replayer routine for MSX.

The XM music format is a fileformat used by trackers like MilkyTracker for Windows or Linux. For more information and download, visit

PAC-V 4-LED BAR cartridge


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05-12-2016, 12:56

about "paraMSX-R - emulate MSX on MSX"...

For emulating other MSX machines on MSX tR I recommend using rMSX 1.3 because it can handle disks and adds lots of other useful features as well such as disk/cassette emulation. (Tip for sharksym: You need to manually switch the build in DOS1 disk ROM from Panasonic mapper before you boot the machine with ripped ROMs)

By Louthrax

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07-12-2016, 21:50

I never really tried the R800-DR utility before. I just did and it indeed doubled the transfer-rate of my Sunrise IDE HD (3 minutes 30s to copy a 23MB ZIP file instead of 6 minutes without).

The thing I do not understand is that I can enable R800 on my floppy disk drives without any problem. I thought floppy drives were supposed to work only in Z80 mode, but I copied a whole floppy disk content in R800 mode ? Any risk of damaging the drive or something ?

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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26-12-2016, 23:04

Looks like sharksym is being busy!!!