MSX icon for CF/SD card

MSX icon for CF/SD card

by JohnHassink on 18-02-2013, 00:55
Topic: MSX Related

As he has a multi card reader and several HDD drives connected to his PC, MRC member Meits had a hard time locating his CF card in Windows Explorer. All icons seemed to look like one another, so it was time for a solution.
After taking a screenshot of the MSX bootscreen, he googled around for an online converter from PNG to ICO, took the autorun code from a driver CD and replaced the MSX ICO file.

Unpack the .ZIP file from the relevant link and copy its contents of hidden files and folder to the root of your CF or SD card, and at least Windows should show the MSX logo everywhere when it comes to your MSX card.

Relevant link: MSX icon for CF/SD card

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By pitpan

Prophet (3145)

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18-02-2013, 09:31

257 KB for an icon!? That's overkill! Nice initiative anyway.

By Meits

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18-02-2013, 16:38

Now that you mention it, it's quite massive indeed...