Metal Gear Solid movie announced

Metal Gear Solid movie announced

by meits on 30-08-2012, 19:41
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Metal Gear: The Movie

After the Silent Hill movie, which was also based on a Konami game, Metal Gear fans world wide expected one of Konami's biggest hit as well. Although an unofficial fan movie has been made, according to Hideo Kojima, an official release would never happen. Until now, as mentioned by poke-1,170 in our forum.

Finally, after 25 years of playing the game, we can now just relax on a lazy sofa and just watch the story. Columbia Pictures and Kojima Productions join forces. And we all know if Kojima is involved, it has to be something worth one's attention. Avi Arad (X-Men and Spider-Man) will produce the movie. And as he states that he always fought to bring comics to the theatres and video games being the comics of the modern day, he sure has a point.

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By sd_snatcher

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30-08-2012, 20:08

Oh, my. I certainly hope for something with a higher standard like the Silent Hill movie, but I fear that what will come out may be another rolercoaster-for-teenagers kind of movie.

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1803)

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30-08-2012, 21:32

Hmm, one could just as easily make a capture of all cutscenes from the MGS games and be done with it. It's not as if Video Kojima's latest MGS productions were more cutscene than gameplay anyways....

By snout

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30-08-2012, 22:01

If the movie is to contain some nice references to MSX, you won't hear me complaining Tongue

By Jorito

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30-08-2012, 22:20

You mean like Solid Snake running around in an MSX t-shirt he bought @ MRC? Tongue

By anonymous

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31-08-2012, 00:21

wolf_, send your remakes of MG music to the producers NAO, you never know what might come from it! Big smile

By wolf_

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31-08-2012, 00:19

Forget it.. you can expect that gigs like these go to Harry Gregson-Williams, or else one of Hans Zimmer's slaves/clones.

By anonymous

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31-08-2012, 00:26

Hans Zimmer (goon) style would be completely out of place. John Williams is 'little' high hopes... Too bad Basil Poledouris isn't among us anymore... Smile Gregson-Williams did 'em for the games from MGS2 on, so they'll probably hire that guy, yeah. And luckily his stuff for that didn't sound all too Zimmerish as far as I've heard.

By wolf_

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31-08-2012, 00:41

And besides that, what you know from me and Konami is that Tara theme (or whatever it's called), or maybe that Solid Snake intro. That's totally not what film music for such a movie would be like. I'm far more lyrical than that, closer to John Williams really.. so, I don't think it's a good idea. ^_^ And if not Williams, then I'd personally still refer to someone like Jerry Goldsmith, as especially MG2:SS has musical roots in the Rambo movies - sometimes bloody obvious (2:27).

While on the subject of Rambo, this is probably the best character score ever. I think it's been a missed opportunity by Konami to infuse some more personality into the MG1 and MG2 music. Ahwell, can't win 'm all.

By ro

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31-08-2012, 11:12

Jesus, Wolf. The link to Jerry Goldsmith reveals a familiar tune indeed. around 4:00 minutes. dangit.

By Manuel

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30-08-2015, 10:12

So, what happened to this movie thing?

By mars2000you

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30-08-2015, 11:06

The Metal Gear Solid Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward :

Manuel, it was so easy to find with Google ! :)

By defdanny

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23-09-2015, 19:10

Who wrote this crap on cinemablend?


Metal Gear Solid originally premiered on the PlayStation console over a decade and a half ago, after being devised and created by Hideo Kojima.

Think, the MSX community, keepers of the MG truth, should intervene immediately! Evil

By JohnHassink

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23-09-2015, 20:52

Well, seeing as it's "Metal Gear Solid" and not "Metal Gear" (without the Solid), that statement is somewhat true.