Legend of Heroes VI - Sora no Kiseki released!

by Sama on 23-07-2004, 17:29
Topic: MSX Related

As we reported earlier, Falcom has been busy developing the sixth part of the Legend of Heroes saga, called Sora no Kiseki (or 'The Miracle of the Sky' in English). The first part of this series was released on MSX as Dragon Slayer 6. Although this newest part in the Legend of Heroes (or Eiyuu Densetsu in Japanese) saga has little or nothing to do with the first part, the game looks very interesting.

Relevant link: Falcom's Legend of Heroes VI - Sora no Kiseki official website

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By Grauw

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25-07-2004, 13:18

Looks pretty! Wanna wanna Smile. Let's hope for a Worldwide release just like Ys VI...