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by snout on 20-02-2003, 12:53
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Konami released a new version of Parodius, designed for iMode phones. Parodius is Konami's own parody on -mainly- the Gradius (Nemesis) series and several other Konami games. Parodius was released on MSX in 1988.

Parodius for iMode is one of the games people can get after signing up to Konami's iMode service, which costs 300 yen a month. Parodius currently only works on the more advanced iMode phones (type 504i and 504iS). Also a game which looks strikingly similar to Konami Boxing, released for MSX in 1985, has been released for iMode magazine episode 9.

After browsing a bit on Konami's website, we noticed Konami had already released Salamander and Gradius on iMode. Now, Parodius has been added to that list. The corresponding websites are interesting to have a look at.

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20-02-2003, 14:40

Don't forget the special Goemon game, released earlier this month.