Knight Tyme remake

by JohnHassink on 15-10-2010, 14:20
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Amongst platforms such as ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, our MSX system was host to a graphic adventure game series by Mastertronic, revolving around a character named Magic Knight. The third installment of this series was Knight Tyme, in which the protagonist finds himself cast way too far into the future and has to find a means of reaching the Tyme Guardians in order to return to his beloved Middle Ages. This particular game has undergone a PC remake created by Pobatti. It's very faithful to the original, whilst copying the graphical style of the Spectrum version.

Relevant link: Konamito

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By lionelritchie

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15-10-2010, 23:30

how you activate the music?

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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16-10-2010, 16:04

i think you need to wear the walkman

if i recall correctly

[edit] nope thats in Stormbringer i think [edit]

By lionelritchie

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16-10-2010, 21:03

no. thats in the c64.
in this remake theres an option to turn on the music in the game menu, but when you do it, the thing says that the music file cant be found. is there a complete version anywhere?