I am 8 bit

by snout on 23-04-2007, 00:05
Topic: MSX Related

From April 17th to May 12th Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, USA has a very special collection of art: I am 8 bit. Sponsored by Capcom, Foundation 9 Entertainment and 47 Communications the gallery shows a collection of more than 200 original pieces of retro gaming related artwork. The exhibition includes such collectibles as a working 5-and-a-half foot Atari 2600 controller and Mega Man 2600 - a newly developed Atari 2600 game celebrating this blue bomber's 20th anniversary. The artworks on display can also be browsed online, right here.

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By dvik

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23-04-2007, 01:23

Is this SLotman perhaps?


By poke-1,170

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23-04-2007, 13:49

hehe I veejayed at that exhibition and I took a picture of that duckhunt painting Smile
They also had this one:

not game related, but made me laught when I saw it hehe