Hideo Kojima gives Policenauts rerelease

by Latok on 04-07-2003, 00:03
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In the msx.org forums, there currently is going on a great battle between SD Snatcher and Metal Gear 2, Solid Snake. These 2 wellknown titles are part of the most famous gameseries of Hideo Kojima.

The Snatcher- and Metal Gear stories aren't the only masterpieces Kojima developed, though. Many of you will probably know Kojima also is the creator of Policenauts.

At this page, we can read that Hideo Kojima is planning a rerelease of Policenauts for the PSone platform. This means, after a long time, Kojima is interested again in one of his old stories.

Of course, this probably doesn't mean anything, but wouldn't it be fantastic if, one day, Kojima would decide to get the Snatcher story and introduce Gilian Seed to the current generation of gamers?

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By snout

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04-07-2003, 00:08

IIRC the stories of Snatcher and Metal Gear meet in Policenauts. Can anyone confirm this?

By anonymous

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04-07-2003, 00:26

They're at least connected, that's for sure...

By Sander

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04-07-2003, 13:34

I´ve made a forum topic about this:

By mth

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05-07-2003, 23:58

Policenauts was already released for the original PlayStation, so a re-release for PSOne would be the same game, just sold in stores again. A good thing ofcourse, but not revolutionary. If they would release an English version though, I would be jumping with joy.

By Latok

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06-07-2003, 22:44

Yeah well, for me, it was quite a surprise. I didn't even know Policenauts was released for PS1 anyway. And I believe it's being released through some online Konami gameshop. It won't hit the stores in Japan....I think.....