F1 Spirit remake - AC version 3

by snout on 25-05-2005, 14:50
Topic: MSX Related
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A new version of the F1 Spirit remake has just been released. It's an updated version of the remake that ended at the 13th position of the 2004 Retro Remakes competition. In this third AC (After Compo) version, several improvements were made to the original release, both fixing minor issues and adding new features.

Relevant link: F1 Spirit remake website

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25-05-2005, 16:22

The link is broken!!

By snout

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25-05-2005, 16:24

it works fine here.... a bit slow, but it works fine Wink

By Jorito

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25-05-2005, 18:16

Here's a mirror of the site: http://members.home.nl/jorrith/f1spirit/
Also, forget about downloading the remake from the site itself, better use the mirror you can find on the download page.