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by Sander on 07-11-2004, 13:25
Topic: MSX Related

Source: CVML

This Digital Retro coffee table book with 192 pages and 350 photos, tells you about 44 different computers build in the seventies and eighties. This book reveals the inspiration that lead to the creation of those machines, why there were build that way and with all specifications per machine. All machines that are listed in "Digital Retro" have been carefully photographed. The autor has interviewed the original designers and engineers of each system where possible, to ensure accuracy of the technical and historic details.

The Sony HitBit MSX computer / the MSX system is featured next to 43 other computers.

You can check out some of the content of this book by clicking on the icons of this page.
Digital Retro can be ordered for $20 / £15 / EUR 25 at Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon France.

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By AuroraMSX

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08-11-2004, 10:08

Just a side note: Amazon offers the book for about 35 euros. It *is* possible to buy the book for 25 euro's through Amazon's website, but you will be buying from another shop...

But it looked like a fun book to have, so I did order one Smile

By Niles

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08-11-2004, 14:34

They're not directly related to MSX, but I also recommend this one:

The Ultimate History of Video Games

and this one:

The Illustrated History of Electronic Games