by Latok on 14-04-2002, 09:40
Topic: MSX Related

Ok, I'll give it a try. As soon as I get flamed by fellow members or other MSX freaks out there, I'll delete this posting, but... Get a grip and please take a look at this project. I post it here because maybe we can have some benefit from it as well. I'm not much of a CBM lover at all, but I do see the beauty of this, so it might even happen I'm going to buy this one.Interesting detail: the board is developed by a woman

Relevant link:

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By snout

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14-04-2002, 13:12

Of course we will not flame you for posting this, Anne.


Ahum, just kidding. IMHO, the CIEL3++ project is kind of similar to this project.

By 4play

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15-04-2002, 20:02

I think personaly all the OLD SCHOOL computers and reborn projects work together.. and we all love the great projects Smile but hey it's NOT an MSX... but fun same as the c64 webserver project i send an news item for in but NEVER came out Smile

By snout

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15-04-2002, 21:58

We considered the C64 webserver project to be a little too off-topic at the time of posting. Thanks for submitting news to us anyway Wink

By Latok

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16-04-2002, 16:59

Hmmmmmmm, I can't remember I emphasized the woman-part that much with bold characters. I also don't remember to put such a huge smiley after the text.

This could again hurt my image. I have a name in the #msx channel and this sure won't help me to get rid of it.....hehehehe....

By snout

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16-04-2002, 18:40

Ok, I was responsible for the WOMAN, but the smiley was all yours.