Call Voice - Tadahiro Nitta

Call Voice - Tadahiro Nitta

by ro on 06-11-2021, 14:08
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The Japanese digital music composer Tadahiro Nitta has released his latest work on all platforms. The mini album Call Voice is out now and features 6 brand new compositions.

Known for his excellent chip tunes, Tadahiro Nitta got back in touch with his past and created instrumental tracks on his trusty old MSX system. That's right, the composer of many Micro Cabin tunes booted that 8-bit wonder just to connect it with the present. He programmed with FM and PSG output on MSX and did post-productions and mixing on modern hard and software. Tadahiro is part of the global group Oasis in 2-op and released it under that same name.

The group Oasis-2OP revolves around Tadahiro Nitta as main composer with Gyabuneko for sound support, Shinji Ishikawa for computer graphics, and Mr. Mouse as production and PR specialist. It was that same Mr. Mouse that convinced Tadahiro to get in touch with his roots again and return to the scene. With CLOAD and CALL VOICE as first results.

The EP (Extended Play, or mini-album) CALL VOICE features 6 new compositions by the legend, which you can soon get your hands on by means of a physical release. But, it's also available as live stream on Spotify. Dedicated to MSX lovers, from an MSX lover. Earlier recent work of mr Nitta featured classic tracks from his Microcabin days, called CLOAD (preview songs).

If you are not that familiar with Tadahiro his work, why not check out this "The Music of Illusion City" video to start with. Or, just play any XAK games we have on MSX. Having the man, the myth, the legend, back on MSX soil is an honor and we can only hope for more goods to come.

relevant link: Oasis in 2op - "CALL VOICE" on spotify

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By Mr.Mouse

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07-11-2021, 11:56

Awesome, thank for spotlighting! One correction, Oasis in 2op is the group name of Tadahiro Nitta, Shinji Ishikawa, gyabuneko and I (Mr.Mouse). Smile

** (edit) admin ro: thanx Mr.Mouse, I've added extra information to the post.

By hamlet

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06-11-2021, 19:53

By Pac

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04-12-2021, 18:16

The CD is now on sale through Beep Shop:

By mesiasmsx

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27-12-2021, 08:01

Cload not Cloud.

By Manuel

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27-12-2021, 21:22

Thanks Mr Mouse to get this master mind back to his MSX roots Smile