Ancient FM Soundcard for PC

by snout on 21-03-2002, 00:57
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Kurusugawa Electronics

Kurusugawa Electronics are developing a soundcard with ancient Yamaha FM sound chips. The Romeo soundcard features the YMF288 (OPL3) sound chip and the YAC513 D/A convertor (as used on the MoonSound cartridge). There are 2 sockets for upgrading the soundcard with a YM2151 chip (OPM, as used in the SFG-01 FM Sound Generator module of the Yamaha CX-5M computers) and a YM3012 chip.More tech talk and details in japanese can be found in this PDF and on this site.

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By dexx

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24-03-2004, 12:02

ehmm.. it's a VERY late reaction..
but the YMF288 isn't a OPL3 chip... it's a OPN3 chip.
it has the sound of the YM2608 chip.. without the ADPCM part.
6 FM + 3 SSG (PSG)
or maybe there is a ADPCM part..

By anonymous

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24-03-2004, 13:36

Indeed, the site also says it's OPN3.
But still, the YM2151 slot makes it MSX related eh Tongue

By dexx

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25-03-2004, 12:30

indeed Smile
ever heard the sound of the YMF288? (YM2203/2608)
go to this site:

and open this URL with media player or whatever.