Yellow pages

by Sander on 02-12-1996, 00:00
Topic: MRC

Hello everybody,Gigamix Japan has yellow pages. On this pages (it's in Japanese) there are a lot of email addresses of net-msx'ing people and what they do or want to do or what they know about msx related stuff _and_ want to answer questions about.I am wondering if such a list would be helpful in the West. Think about it. I know that there are a lot of netmsx-ers who don't have the time or resources to make a homepage, but would like to exchange knowledge, idea's etc. Please send me your comments and /or suggestions. If I get enough feedback I am gonna make one. Maybe with an authentification option to avoid netabuse, I don't know yet. Please give me input. I know that there are some addresses in the faq. But I want people who are still doing something with msx at the moment, or planning to do so in the future. I think the faq is rather outdated on this subject and also a bit short on descriptions.I was thinking about some type of form like this:Name:System(s):Wants to do:Knowledge of:Member of:Country:Area:Email address:Homepage:etc. etc. Please tell me what I forgot.Note: I wont use any of the above information for a spam of any kind (this mail is spamming enough ;-)All information given to me stays of the Internet until we have decided together how to fill in the web page (that is, if there is going to be any. That depends on you also :-)And: If you have information related to the MSX system that you think is Interesting enough for a greater MSX public, but you don't have the time or diskspace to publish it on the web, contact me. If you give it to me in ascii or html form, I try topublish it for you. Thanks for your time,Sander van