"Why MSX?" - Poll results

by snout on 02-05-2003, 17:39
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

In our most recent poll we asked "Why MSX?". 164 people found the time to think about this abstract question and gave their votes. Here's the results:

  • 1. Because of the creativity it encourages (29.88 %)
  • 2. Because of software (games) available (28.66 %)
  • 3. Because of the cool-factor (17.68 %)
  • 4. Because of compatibility (8.54 %)
  • 5. Because of friends owning the system (5.49 %)
  • 6. Because of its simplicity (3.66 %) and because of its low price (3.66%)
  • 8. Because of the important brands involved (2.44 %)

We're glad to see that most people like MSX the most because of the creativity it encourages. The games on the MSX are very cool too, but after a while of gaming almost everyone automatically starts to create some things too. BASIC programs, music, graphics, assembly... Many 'amateurs' have taken their first steps on the MSX and the MSX allowed them to create great stuff. Also it is interesting to see that only little people found low prices or big brands like Philips, Sony and Panasonic the most important reasons to choose MSX.

This time we ask you a very straight question: "If money, time and travel were no problem, which MSX fair would you like to attend the most?" Happy voting!