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by Bart on 02-03-2002, 13:26
Topic: MRC

Source: The MSX Resource Center

After sending the first newsletter to over 650 members, we got some returned mails. Those invalid emailadresses are deleted from the userlist. We invite those people to join again or contact us if they can't login anymore. This leaves us with over 800 valid members as of today!The original MSX resource center newsletter issue #1 can be found in the forum. If you'd like to receive the newsletter in the future or you'd like to participate in the forum, post news or replies, then please JOIN us!

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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02-03-2002, 15:43

Err.. I don't get it. You send a newsletter to 650 members, you delete users and you end up with over 800 members? Maybe a little typo?

By Bart

Paragon (1422)

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02-03-2002, 16:51

nope... Not all users want to receive the newsletter. So we've got over 800 members of which around 650 receive the newletter.