Tilburg 2002 - MRC Booklet

by snout on 18-04-2002, 00:08
Topic: MRC

Two more days to go and then the 15th international MSX fair in Tilburg will start again. We have made a 16 page booklet filled with information on what is happening at the MSX Resource Center stand in Tilburg. You can read the full lists off products that are auctioned by Stephan Szarafinski and Olivier Hustin and read about the products that are demonstrated at our stand. You will also find some information on what we will be doing ourselves. Of course we will print a lot of booklets and take them with us to Tilburg, but if you are curious you can download the PDF and print and fold the booklet yourself!

P.S. - On the Deltasoft site you can see a preview of Xak 1 English. It looks really cool!Hope to see you all in Tilburg!