Snowfall demo by TAoA

by snout on 29-12-2003, 19:06
Topic: MRC
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We have just added the 10th entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge to our downloads database. This demo was created by D-Tail, Lord Zett and LdH of The Army of Assholes. The demo consists out of 2 effects and a hidden part, was coded in NestorBASIC and requires an MSX2 with 128kB RAM.

Do you think you can create a snowfall demo as well? You should at least give it a try! If you send your snowfall demo in before January 5th 2004 you can win one of the seven interesting Japanese prizes listed in this newspost. If you want to check out all 10 snowfall demo's we received so far check this page.

Relevant link: Snowfall demo by TAoA

Comments (5)

By snout

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30-12-2003, 21:21

Upgraded the NBASIC.BIN to version 1.0 to prevent some problems on turboR running Z80 mode Wink

By sjoerd

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30-12-2003, 23:16

uhm, isn't snow supposed to fall downward? ;-)

By BiFi

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31-12-2003, 16:20

Maybe it's done to simply change the 'snow' into air bubbles later or is it how snow falls on the other side of the equator? Wink

By snout

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31-12-2003, 18:04

I think TAoA always have their monitors upside down Tongue

By [D-Tail]

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23-03-2004, 22:47

Erm... Muhahaha! It's one of the very few times I'm online and logged into the MRC, so actually my response is a bit 'late'. But yeah, we didn't think we would really stand a chance to some real cool demos which were already uploaded (famous names: NYYRIKKI, GuyveR800 and the like...), so we decided we'd make a fun snow 'fall' demo. Which was quite a success, even reaching #18 of a total of 25. But hey, it was rushcoded in about 2 hours (which included the 'secret' screen 3 picture 'editor' Tongue) and the wicked screen 5 flash...
Anyway, we've had phun making this one...