Snowfall challenge - Third entry by BiFi

by snout on 12-12-2003, 19:01
Topic: MRC
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Albert Beevendorp, also known as BiFi, just submitted the third entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. His entry works on MSX1 and higher. It takes a while before the snow effect starts to look at its best, the results look really cool. Once again, the Assembly source codes are included so people who would like to know how this trick was done could have a look at the ASM file and learn.

With this entry BiFi is one of the people who might win one of these very cool prizes. Do you want to win one of those prizes as well? Be creative and submit your own entry to! Previously we already received submissions from Nyyrikki and WYZ.

Relevant link: BiFi's snowfall demo

Comments (6)

By Ivan

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14-12-2003, 00:34

Generation MSX wins the contest!

;) ;) ;)

By snout

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14-12-2003, 00:45

If Sandy gets that effect to work on a real MSX he might Tongue

By Sylvester

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14-12-2003, 16:07

Too bad fudebrowser doesn't understand Javascript Smile

By Ivan

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14-12-2003, 16:16

Make an EVA video, then you could participate Smile

By Latok

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14-12-2003, 18:20

Hmmm, if there is snow in your region, you could in fact just record real snow, make an EVA movie out of it and send it in, indeed. Good thinking, Ivan Smile

By BiFi

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17-12-2003, 11:51

I think running an EVA video differs quite a lot from a coded version. Isn't there a rule in the challenge that prevents such entries? Wink