SHRT NWS July-Augustus 2021

SHRT NWS July-Augustus 2021

by MSX Resource Center on 27-08-2021, 10:08
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While MSX Resource Center is all about bringing you the MSX and related news, we don't always make space on the front page for that. For every piece of news that didn't make it, we keep track of it in the nuts and bits news post right here. Here it is, the new you might have missed.

Japanese Tiny Yarou knows how to transform a Sega Master System into an MSX system.

Retro Magazine
RetroMagazine World #08 - English edition - is out now. Go grab your free copy and have a good reading!

Stop The Express - NS
Especially for Dutch players, LarsThe18Th pimped the MSX game "Stop The Express" to make it show the train with the iconic colors and logo of the Dutch railroad company, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, and fittingly dubbed it "Stop The NS".
Either have a look at video footage, or play it online: Stop the NS at The File-Hunter

MSX USB keyboard
Ivan Michelucci is working on a project to use USB keyboards on any MSX.
Videos of the work-in-progress USB keyboard adapter can be viewed for the Panasonic FSA1-ST MSX Turbo-R as well as the Philips NMS 8250/55/80 MSX2 machines.

Translations from Django
Django did more translations, we just can't keep up!
The translation monsieur has the following patches available at his web site: SD Gundam - Banpresto, Randar 3 - Compile, Galf Stream - Xain, Asguine - Bit², Record of Lodoss War - Humming Bird Soft.

Retro PC software
Pentaro linked us more ditties from いぬふと/ Retro PC (CAVIT). There's IMPETUS Youtube video and download a vertical shooter with smooth scrolling in just 16KB! And a few older titles which nobody noticed before: MAZY Youtube video and download, RUPTUS Youtube video and download, NEURAS Youtube video and download, BATTLOT Youtube video and download/

Devwill Too
The game "Devwill Too" MSX got some very limited run (10 unities, already sold out) inf Floppy Disk format. You can check out the floppy package on this video: Devwill Too Floppy Demonstration video

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27-08-2021, 14:17


By Randam

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27-08-2021, 16:04

LarsThe18Th: very cool change to the game. Would it be a good idea to change Ita Express to "Intercity" to get more of the NS feel? If someone would add the music "kedeng kedeng" to the game the game would be a master piece Big smile

By ren

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02-09-2021, 14:59

OTHR SHRT NWS: [Aug 25, 2021] MinQ(English version) released by ぬけがらさん (Nukegara-san).

By Takamichi

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09-09-2021, 17:08

Augustus isn't really SHRT... Big smile

By hamlet

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09-09-2021, 17:47

Big smile