Scene Music Remake Challenge #2 - Closed

by snout on 31-01-2008, 19:35
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Last night, the second Scene Music Remake Challenge came to an end. After a slow start and an extended deadline, several entries came in after all. As a result we have 8 songs from 6 different composers that entered the challenge. Here is an overview of all entries:

Now, the time has come to rate each entry. This time, we have found MSX composer Danilo Danisi (DanDan) - best known from his work for IOD in e.g. the Metal Limit megademo - prepared to take on the task of being the juror of this challenge. We will publish the challenge results and jury report as soon as they come in.

Relevant link: Scene Music Remake Challenge 2 - downloads

Comments (15)

By Low_Profile

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31-01-2008, 22:38

Damn... I'm too late for my disqualifying entry Sad haha Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By snout

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31-01-2008, 22:42

Low_Profile: of course you can still send it in as a non-competing entry. I don't think we'll be doing a third SMR challenge....

By Low_Profile

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31-01-2008, 22:43

yeah, i was planning that... but it's far from finished anyway... so it will just be a loose mp3 release... someday haha Smile

By Manuel

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31-01-2008, 23:26

I just uploaded a video of disk 1 of FDD2 to Google Video. It's still processing, but should be online soon...

By MicroTech

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01-02-2008, 09:37

Big smile DanDan! Are you really back!? Can't believe it?
We tried to contact you him many times...
Are you back to remain!?... MSX still deserve emotions Cool

By [D-Tail]

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02-02-2008, 18:01

Hey DanDan! If you ever read this post, I'd want you to know that I've always seen you as one of the greatest MSX composers ever. Your exceptionally strong point I found was the usage of MSX Audio in the IOD Metal Limit demo. You really should get back at producing MSX songs, man!

By Yukio

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03-02-2008, 01:07

I believe that this guy is the same that was mentioned on the MSX TOP CLASS (Brazilian magazine). Since I am not a big fan of "Instrument Of Darkness" I don't know how well is the work.

The RHAPSODY demo was popular. Even if some persons (like me) don't know how is this thing working ...

By ro

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04-02-2008, 19:28

Meits, concrats. Really nice remake of that great Wolf tune. It's kinda mellow, I like it!

By Manuel

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05-02-2008, 20:35

Heh, just got a mail from Google:

Your video "Fony Demo Disk 2 - disk 1" was rejected because it didn't
comply with our policies.

Videos submitted to our program are subject to an initial review to
ensure that they comply with our guidelines. When videos do not meet
our standards, we disapprove them. The following explains our content
policies for uploading videos:

* You must have all necessary legal rights to the content.
* The video must not contain pornographic, nude, or obscene material.
* The subject matter in the video must not be illegal.
* The video cannot contain invasions of personal privacy.
* The video cannot contain promotions of hate or incitement of violence.
* The video cannot contain graphic violence or other acts resulting in
serious injury or death.


Are they talking about those pixeled titties?

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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05-02-2008, 20:38

Weren't the methods to demolish a NES an example of graphical violence? ^_^

By tfh

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05-02-2008, 20:57

LOL Smile I wanna have a "banned on google" avatar!!!! Smile

By [DK]

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06-02-2008, 10:44



Enlighted (6935)

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06-02-2008, 13:37

Hi DanDan!!!

All the people who loves your music should know that you have the touch also for graphic
and visual arts (and not only in the MSX scene IIRC).
BTW, all the graphic of Total Parody (sprites, background and animations) is from DanDan !!!
The there were other 2 or 3 unpublished levels (LEGO is only the first stage) and dozens of
animated enemies.

Nice to hear from you again!!

By wolf_

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06-02-2008, 13:42

hehe, you people talk about DanDan like he's someone who's unreachable and lost forever.. when I asked him to become jury, by simply sending him an email, I got a (more than) positive reply within 90 minutes.. Hannibal

By wolf_

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06-02-2008, 13:45

actually, make that 30 minutes Tongue