Report of the visit to Club MESXES

by Sander on 23-10-2001, 18:01
Topic: MRC

During my stay at Mallorca I also had a diner and meeting with some guys from MSX Club MESXES: Saver, his girlfriend Chiho, Mazinger Z, Ramoni and Marcelino. On Friday night we ate in a traditional local restaurant. I and my brother who was with me had a local specialty: snails. The food was strange but good, just like my new friends.

After that I agreed to meet again the next day to visit Saver parent home. Saver and Ramoni showed their excellent work: Doramus. Of course we had already looked at his homepage about this, but to see the real thing in action was amazing. This system (Playing and practicing drumming with MSX, like Konami’s Beatmania for the PSX) is really awesome. I went nuts with his drums, but he showed me also the guitar and scratch table versions! This system really adds value to your MSX TurboR and Moonsound. Ramoni also showed Puzzle Bobble for MSX, a Spanish project and a new game people are working on, but I may not release the name or screenshots. It looked nice, we have to wait for this one. Time was too short, I had to return back to my apartment because I would leave the next day.

Saver gave me the Doramus software and a copy of the MESXES magazine plus a Snatcher music CD. He told me that the information to make this system yourself would be available through his website. He would try to visit Tilburg next year with his system, I will pray for it. Maybe until next year amigos!Why don’t you take a look at the photo’s? Mallorca 2001 images

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By konamiman

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24-10-2001, 19:53

Damn! Next time, come to Mallorca when I'm also in the island. You can't say yet that you met the FULL Club Mesxes. ;-)

By Sander

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25-10-2001, 11:35

Hehe, well Mallorca and Mesxes have enough to offer for a new visit. But I'll try to visit the Barcelona fair fist. Maybe we will meet then!