A Quarter Million individual pageviews served

by Sander on 25-08-2002, 01:36
Topic: MRC

Another milestone has been reached; we just got past 250,000 unique visitors. Not bad for a site about a 20 year old homecomputer system, huh? Wink Our statistics also show that it took 4 years to get 200,000 visitors, but the last 50,000 came this year already! Wow! I'm glad we still attract more and more people to read news about MSX and doing stuff with the system or emulators and that you give us your support.

Our web and development team has grown to seven webmasters from all over the globe to provide you not only with the latest news regarding MSX, but also with a true MSX community site. In fact, right now we are busy behind the scenes with building a larger and better platform to expand our MSX community services for you. Don't worry, larger doesn't mean slower. We still have a lot of work to do, but we will keep you informed of our progresses. Keep visiting this site and we make sure it will be worth your time!

Thanks again, The MSX Resource Center Team.

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By msxgamesbox

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26-08-2002, 16:14

Congratulations! Not bad, not bad, impressive even - that's almost the A'dam Arena full of MSX fans per year Smile) there is hope left! Checked quickly my stats for www.msxgamesbox.com today also, 49200 unique visitors since 28 August 2001 ... that's a second stadium full ... add to it the generation-msx visitors and other MSX sites around, and that makes a very impressive MSX fan list :) euh!

By Latok

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28-08-2002, 11:06

Yes, or a couple of hundred very ACTIVE MSX fans Wink