Portuguese translators wanted

by Sonic_aka_T on 28-06-2005, 15:04
Topic: MRC

As you may know, the MSX Resource Center is available in a number of languages, apart from English. This is made possible by a team of dedicated volunteers, who continously work behind the scenes to keep everything up to date. Unfortunately though, the team maintaining the br.msx.org site is a little over-worked at the moment, and could really use your help. So, if you're a native Portuguese speaker, who also speaks English and wouldn't mind to help us out keeping the br.msx.org site up to date, please Join our Team!

Relevant link: Join our Team

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By nitrofurano

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28-06-2016, 15:57

this can be done collaboratively - just share spreadsheet or etherpad links with google-translator-toolkit links, and people might arrive for helping