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by Latok on 28-12-2002, 02:25
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With all the MSX Revival news we had in the past, it was an interesting poll to see what you really think of all the developments. The results are astonishing. A whopping 53% of the 470 voters in this poll do believe the MSX revival will eventually bring us a new MSX computer. 22% of the voters think the MSX Revival will only bring us the MSXPLAYer. More than 70% of the voters in this poll believe the MSX PLAYer will be followed by some kind of MSX related computer.

If these positive thoughts are realistic remains to be seen. The first steps are being made, though.Poll results:Question: After the official announcements of MSX PLAYer, I think the MSX Revival will eventually bring us...

  • 1. a new MSX computer (52.77%)
  • 2. only the MSXPLAYer (21.91%)
  • 3. a new computer that emulates the MSX by default (9.57%)
  • 4. a new computer that has little to do with MSX (8.09%)
  • 5. nothing at all (7.66%)

Of course we have put online a new poll for you. This time, we would like to know which of the mentioned MSX2 demos you appreciate the most. Not only technical achievement should be decisive. Also take creativity, state of the art and other aspects into your decision. And if you don't quite remember the demos anymore, we suggest you to watch them again. That is in itself already a fun thing to do.

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By snout

Ascended (15184)

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30-12-2002, 23:49

I for one think it's most likely that a new MSX computer will be based on the ideas the original MSX system was based upon. Maybe it's MSX-compatible through emulation...

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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31-12-2002, 00:19

emulation is not necesarily a bad thing. If the new MSX does have FPGA you can implement V9938 and Z80 in it and it won't be different from the original hardware.
The line between hardware and software is quickly disappearing! Wasn't it Nishi that used the term 'softer hardware'?