Poll results

by snout on 07-10-2002, 00:19
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Wow, we never had a poll-result as clear as this. This time, we asked our visitors to choose their favorite MSX soundchip. Right from the start, one chip took the lead and it never gave the lead away. Despite the technological lead of the OPL4 soundchip, and the discussion in our forum, the SCC soundchip won hands down. From a grand total of 470 votes, 37.9% voted for the SCC. It's charasterictic sound and the way Konami and several others used this simple soundchip has clearly touched the hearts of many MSXers.

The results of the poll are:

1. 37.9% - SCC
2. 18.7% - OPL4
3. 16.6% - MSX-MUSIC
4. 14.0% - MSX-AUDIO
5. 12.8% - PSG

A new poll is online now, we hope you will all vote on that one as well!