Poll #15 results

by Bart on 18-04-2002, 02:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Source: The MSX Resource CenterThe poll results are counted! After 324 votes it's about time to wrap this one up.The question:"Should we keep posting non-msx, but related news (like retro gaming)?"Was answered by you like this:

  • Yes, please do!: 24.4%
  • If it's related it's ok.: 29.6%
  • Doesn't matter to me.: 7.1%
  • Not too often.: 9.9%
  • No, stick to MSX news only.: 29.0%

The positive/neutral answers have won this poll by far. 61.1% has no problem with retro news if we keep it related to MSX in any way.38.9% doesn't want to see it on the site often or at all.We'll keep this in mind when posting new articles. But do not feel heldback of posting any retro news, we'll always take a serious look at all posted news Thanks for voting all!