Poll #14 results

by Bart on 03-02-2002, 23:27
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Source: The MSX Resource Center

The results for poll #14 (Which MSX website do you like best?).We thought it was a good idea to have a look at what people thought of the MSX-portals we directly link to from our frontpage. Although some people found this poll somewhat ridiculous we've never had a poll that got this many votes in such a short term! (more then 230 in 2 weeks) Anyway, the results are quite interesting.Because not every MSX-site nor every country was represented in our poll (that would have been impossible) the poll makes a little more sence when you know that 24% of our visitors are from the Netherlands, 11% from Japan and 8.8% from Spain. Let's take a look at the results:

  • Generation-MSX (NL) 39.3%
  • aaMSX.com (ES) 12.4%
  • aaMSX.org (ES) 12.8%
  • MSX2.com (NL) 22.2%
  • ActiveMSX.net (JP) 13.2%

Geographically that is:

  • Netherlands: 61.5%
  • Spain: 25.2%
  • Japan: 13.2%

As always we've put another poll online. This time a little more innocent, but nonetheless interesting. Keep on voting!