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by Bart on 21-01-2002, 15:39
Topic: MRC
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Source: The MSX Resource Center

Allright! After 322 votes we think it is time to wrap this poll up. The question was:'What is your first impression of MSXPLAYer (if you tested it)'The answers you gave:

  • 23.3% answered 'The best emu there is'
  • 9.3% answered 'Promising'
  • 14.3% answered 'It's just like any other emulator'
  • 34.5% answered 'I've seen better beta emulators than this'
  • 18.6% did not test it theirselves.

All in all, the MSX PLAYer gets an overall negative score on the first impression: 48.8% does not see anything exceptional in it or does not even think it is as good as other emu's. 32.6%, allmost a third, thinks it is the best or has at least potential.Another new poll is online, see the direct links also.

Comments (3)

By msxhans

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21-01-2002, 19:01

Stop this poll! We have to work together, not compete!

By snout

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21-01-2002, 19:25

I don't see how the new poll can be seen as something bad.

By msxgamesbox

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22-01-2002, 20:50

where's msxgamesbox.com Smile lol just kidding - but i finda the new poll a bit stupid ...